All About Acne Scars

Acne scars can be considered a double punishment. First you have to deal with pimples, and then after it is gone, you have to deal with the ugly scar it left behind.  These scars are actually the result of inflammation within the inner layer of the skin brought on by acne. The scars are created by the wound trying to heal itself resulting in excessive collagen in one spot.

According to studies, the most acne scars results from severe acne, usually cysts and nodules which occur in deeper layer of the dermis. Some studies have also shown that some people are more prone to this type of scars regardless o f the type of acne they have. Acne scars are often the end result of a changed wound healing process.

Though most acne scars tend to fade away in time, like that of post inflammatory pigmentations, some acne scars are more resistant and the only way to make them less visible is by undergoing some sort of acne scar treatment varying from topical treatment to surgical cosmetic intervention.

Each type of acne scars needs a different type of scar treatment. Some may require a combination of several elimination methods to produce the best results. There are countless treatment methods for elimination of scars caused by acne. Some of them are pulsed laser technology, chemical peels, creams, collagen injections, dermabrasion, punch techniques and laser resurfacing.

Collagen injection is a treatment where skin collagen is injected under the skin. It is best in removing soft scars, which are either shallow or deep.

Microdermabrasion is an acne scar treatment that involves the passing of tiny particles through a vacuum tool that is aimed at scraping the external top layer of the skin. The scraping process activates and enhances new cell growth. This method is effective only in mild scarring.

Laser resurfacing is a process in which the skin layer is flattened or resurfaced so that scars wil be more even with the skin surface and therefore, becomes less apparent.

Punch grafting is a method that involves cutting of the acne scar treatment all the way down to the layer of the fat. After that, a small skin graft is used to stitch the hole.

With the variety of ways that can be chosen from, there will surely be a way to solve your problems on acne scars.

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