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Acne is a major problem for many people. No matter what age they are, people suffer from acne. Acne occurs usually during puberty, but pimples can appear also in adulthood due to deeper bacterial problems. Different hormonal imbalances at women during menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause also can cause acne to occur. Acne occurs when the hair follicle pores are clogged by dead skin cells, excess of oil and dirt. The mixture of oil and dead skin cells creates a proliferation environment for acne bacteria. Bacteria must be stopped for preventing new pimples to appear.

Overproduction of oil by sebaceous glands of the skin is the main cause that produces acne. If it wasn’t for a moisturized breeding environment acne bacteria wouldn’t flourish. The oil produced by the oily glands gets infected with these acne bacteria. Acne bacteria is normally living on our skin. It is called acne bacteria because when it meets the moisturizing environment it proliferates and produces acne.

If you don’t stop acne bacteria and kill it, the process of healing existing blemishes is in vain. Why? Because you cure some of the existing pimples, but new ones appear. You treat acne just from one point of view. The most important thing is to treat acne from to points of view: treat the effects and remove the causes. Treating existing pimples and preventing new ones to appear is not such a hard process, but it takes time.

All causes of pimples must be removed. You can use an acne skin care product that does that, or you can implement some home made acne treatments to remove all the causes of acne. Overactive sebaceous glands, acne bacteria, skin irritation and clogged pores are the main factors that influence and aggravate acne. If you want to completely and efficiently get rid of acne you must treat all these four major causes of acne. There are several products that work systematically and target all these causes to extinguish acne.

Using the right product it is crucial. If you use the right product for acne and treat the factors that cause acne, you will be very satisfied because you will see that treating acne is really possible. If the acne skin care product is good and if you respect some important prevention measures for acne you will see improvements even in a week or two.

You must remember that washing is essential when you treat your acne. Proper cleansing can help unclogging pores by removing dirt, dead skin cells, sweat and excess of sebum. Using the right acne skin care product will make you see that treating acne is possible, and if this product is really right, you will see that your acne improves and visible results can be seen easily.

Acne does not threat health and is not a dangerous skin disorder, but it can leave scars and marks. One of the most important things when you suffer from acne is to never squeeze or pop your pimples. This can only aggravate acne and leave scars.

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