Acne Treatment – Some Tips

No matter how severe the breakout, acne has troubled all in some way or the other. From one odd pimple on the face to chronic acne, acne treatments are very much in demand to maintain a healthy natural clear skin. The problem arises when there are too many solutions around and you do not know which one to follow.

Wash your face with the gentle exfoliating cleanser. Use the soft washcloth and warm – but not hot – water. Use circular motions and light but firm pressure on the scarred areas. You are removing the top layer of dead skin cells from the scarred areas, making the scars slightly shallower and encouraging the growth of new, smooth skin.

Taking 10,000 units of Vitamin A in the form of Beta Carotene daily can also benefit blemished skin. Vitamin E is great for promoting healthy skin. Take 400 units of the dry tablet form of Vitamin E. There should be a clear distinction on the package if it is the dry form or not. Oil based capsules may sometimes worsen and irritate skin issues.

In place of soap, you can use two parts of chickpea flour mixed with one-teaspoon turmeric, one-teaspoon honey and one-teaspoon buttermilk as a substitute for soaps as well as face-cleansers. Avoiding the use of any chemical products on your skin for s brief time period, gives your skin enough time to restore its condition and fight back the problems naturally.

You can use zinc to eliminate acne by eating food items rich in zinc like chicken, beef, nuts, and beans. Food items such as these will help to enhance your zinc level and avoid zinc deficiency. If you can’t get enough zinc through eating foods you can try using zinc supplements.

Nutmeg and milk mix is another great way to get rid of your acne. Grind fresh nutmeg with milk and apply to your effected area on your skin. You will see results within a week!

In addition to adopting the above approaches for natural acne cures, one should follow natural skin care tips for quick healing of acne outbreaks. Care guidelines include washing face with acne soap twice daily, avoiding face makeup, avoiding touching or picking of acne and consuming a healthy diet. Incorporating foods rich in vitamins, zinc and chromium will help in treating acne naturally.


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