Acne Treatment – Herbal Remedies For Acne

Of these acne afflicted individuals, some use only natural acne home remedies. With laser treatment is and other technologies intended for acne treatment, many also go down this route. The kind of treatment and remedies that somebody will use depends also on the gravity of the skin disease.

Use oatmeal to naturally cure acne. Make plain oatmeal as directed on the package. Let it cool and then massage it onto your face. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then rinse it off. The oatmeal absorbs the oil and dirt from your skin without over drying it.

Ice Pack: Take an ice cube, wrap it up in a cloth and apply it on the acne for 5-10 minutes and not more than that. This gives an instant soothing effect on the irritation caused by acne. After repeated application of 4-5 times in a day, you will find that the inflammation has gone down too.

Lemon juice. Freshly squeezed lemon juice will work best, but bottled juice will also do the trick. Apply lemon juice directly to pimples and acne scars. Be careful not to get the juice in or near the eyes. Exfoliating the skin help to get rid of dry skin, blackheads and whiteheads. Thus making your skin even better, and also helps to a good extent as natural acne remedies for getting rid of the acne scar. To make a nice homemade acne exfoliating scrub, use these tips. In the blender, make powder of dry rice. Don’t make the rice powder too fine, a lit of grainy powder will help to exfoliate better. Then in a bowl take 2 spoons of fresh plain yogurt and add half spoon of the rice powder, and mix everything well, and use it as a scrub. Taking steam before scrubbing helps to exfoliate the skin and clean it better.

There are many natural acne cures such as tea tree oil, Aloe Vera, honey, neem, papaya extract etc. A paste made out of these if applied to the acne can help in drying the pimples. Honey, toothpaste and applying an ice pack to the pimple can help you get rid of pimples fast. Drink a lot of water also, to keep your body hydrated. Drink at least 2 liters or 8-10 cups of water per day. Water helps the body to flush out any bad toxins which may be harmful to the body. You can also drink a lot of fruit juice. This is known well to get rid of blackheads.

If you want to know about how to cure acne overnight, then, the following remedies may help you. Baking soda is said to work wonders for acne. You have to make a paste (with the consistency of toothpaste) of one cup baking soda with three tablespoons of salt and water. Apply this paste on the acne and rinse off after a few minutes. You may also use egg whites for this purpose. Apply egg whites on the skin before bed and wash it off the next morning.


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