Acne Rosacea – is it Really Acne?

Common Acne and Rosacea are very similar yet are not the same skin condition. Rosacea is more commonly known as ‘Adult Acne’ due to the fact that it is more familiar amongst the adult population and is caused by different mechanisms and triggers than that of Acne.

With Rosacea there are no blackheads or whiteheads and the condition doesn’t develop into the weeping pustules that regular acne does.

Regular Acne tends to affect the teenage population and is mainly caused by massive changes that naturally occur within the adolescent body. This is a natural cycle and almost all people who experience puberty will suffer from Acne at some point within their pubescent years.

Acne Rosacea doesn’t happen in the same way as regular acne does. The people who suffer from Rosacea have generally come through puberty so the effects of puberty are not a trigger for this skin condition. Common Acne sufferers also tend to out grow their symptoms yet the patients that suffer from Rosacea tend to suffer from this condition for a lot longer and in some cases they can suffer for the rest of their lives.

Rosacea sufferers tend to have a rosy, red complexion that consists of small, raised red bumps. These bumps have no way of being extracted like blackheads do and Common Acne sufferers tend to have a slightly less red complexion. The maturing cycle of these bumps are also very different as they do not develop into the infected legions that Acne sufferers develop.

Acne Rosacea doesn’t discriminate amongst sex, creed or religion as it can strike at random and in both sexes. It is more common amongst the female population but when men do break out they tend to have a much more severe form of Rosacea.

Although this skin condition is very uncommon amongst children it can strike from time to time.

If your aged between 30-50 years old and you have a light to fair complexion then you will be at most risk of suffering from Acne Rosacea.

In the next article we will take a look at what causes Rosacea.

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