Acne Laser Skin Treatment

Skin resurfacing can either assist in two things, one the removal of signs of aging such as sun spots, or wrinkles, it can also assit in the removal of acne, blackheads or other skin blemishes. The two leading skin treatment procedures are laser body resurfacing, and micro-dermabrasion or dermabrasion. In laser treatment the epithelial surface is brought down to an even depth. Dermabrasion, on the other hand uses a wire brush or rough wheel to grind down the surface of the skin until the surgeon shapes the desired result.

Laser Peel The most common type of lasers used in dermatology are the carbon dioxide, or Co2, and the erbium YAG laser. There are some obvious similarities, and the differences are very slight. Most experts performing this procedure agree that the Co2 laser is more effective in the removal of wrinkles but leaves temporary, residual damage, such as redness and peeling, and in the long run may increase the risk of permanent of pigment loss.

Skin is a unique map of contours, complexions and colors, so everybody’s reaction to these type of skin treatments are different, but most agree that the erbium YAG laser seems to leave the long-lasting redness or risk the loss of permanent pigment loss, but the again it’s not as effective in removing wrinkles. Each individual must be consulted, and weight the options themselves and find out which procedure makes sense to them.

Laser Acne Skin Treatment

The laser body treatment is a booming business, the amount of laser body treatments has more than doubled in the past 8 years and it is projected to more than double in the next five. The reason for all these procedures is largely due to the advances in technology in the laser skin treatments mentioned above, but also with increased supply of laser body treatment centers, the cost has also become more affordable, access to laser hair or skin treatments. When one weighs the pros-and-cons , one becomes aware that this virtually painless procedure, can cut down on one’s bottom line significantly.

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