Acne Laser Skin Treatment

Skin resurfacing usually refers to a surgical procedure that physically removes layers from the surface of the skin. Rather than killing a layer that gradually peels, this procedure removes the tissue layer at the time of surgery. Laser resurfacing and dermabrasion are the two types of skin resurfacing available. Laser treatment destroys the epithelial surface to an even depth. Dermabrasion mechanically (wire brush or rough wheel) grinds down the surface of skin until the surgeon sees the changes he wants.

Laser resurfacing

Cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists use two types of lasers today for laser resurfacing: the carbon dioxide (CO2) and the erbium YAG lasers. They have slight differences that are topics of debate among physicians. Many surgeons feel that the CO2 laser gives more reduction in facial wrinkles, but it usually results in more residual redness following treatment, as well as some increase in potential pigment loss. Figure 8-7 shows you the results of a CO2 laser treatment.

The erbium YAG laser doesn’t give you quite as good a correction of your wrinkles, but you won’t have red or pink skin for as long, and your chance of pigment loss is significantly lower. Combination (CO2 and erbium YAG) lasers that are now on the market have been somewhat successful at combining the benefits of both.

• A laser peel can offer the following benefits:

• A reduction in the number and depth of the lines of your face

• Restoration of elasticity

• An increase in the tightness of your skin Rx

• Reduction in unwanted pigmentation

Laser acne skin treatment

There were over 400,000 laser skin treatments performed in the United States, which has more than doubled in procedures performed compared to the year 2000! There must be a reason why this procedure has surpassed microdermabrasions and other skin treatments, and the reasons are plentiful but the bottom line is laser skin treatments are less painful and is less obtrusive on ones life. With other procedures, the downtime could lead to loss of work, and using valuable PTO, which in this economy a lot of people cannot afford.

Those hit with severe acne can be left with unappealing pot marks or scarring and laser skin treatment now are fine tuned to help even individuals with dark skin pigmentation.

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