Acne – Four Causes of Adult Acne

Many women develop acne for the first time in their 30s, 40s or 50s, after an unblemished adolescence. Adult acne usually appears on the face, neck, back, and shoulders. It cause by proliferation of bacteria (so keep your hand and face clean!), over secretion of the oil glands (minimize stress!), and hyperkeratinization, or dead cells clogging the surface pores of the face (exfoliate!). Let’s go in deep about 4 causes of adult acne.

1. Stress.

When you are stressed out, the pituitary gland increases your hormone production, which stimulates the adrenal glands. The adrenals, in turn, secrete androgen, and too much androgen can enlarge the oil glands and stimulate excess sebum production, which can clog the pores and cause acne.

2. Bad Cosmetics Choices.

Cosmetic acne is just what it sounds like – acne caused by oily, pore-clogging ingredients in your makeup and skincare products. It is so prevalent that it eventually spawned the growth of oil-free cleansers, moisturizers, and foundation. Breakouts on your cheeks may also be cause by sensitivity to G&C red dyes in your blush. Cosmetic acne looks like a raft of tiny pimples and shows up most often-but not only-on oily skin. If your skin is oily, avoid cosmetics, creams, and cleanser containing heavy oils like lanolin or mineral oil, which can clog the pores. Stick to water-based foundation and loose powder rather than pressed. And avoid cream blushes and alcohol-based products, which can overdry and irritate the skin, upset its natural pH, and cause the oil glands to overcompensate and produce excess oil.

3. Hormones.

Acne is common in adolescence, when raging hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands and they become more active. But hormonal imbalances can also trigger acne well after a woman passes through puberty. You may be among the 70 percent of grown women who experience breakouts two to seven days before menstruation because your sebaceous glands go crazy and your skin becomes oilier. Here is the standard scenario: for up to a week after your period, your skin can behave erratically-while it regains the proper balance. For the next two weeks, your skin behaves more or less well, until your estrogen levels rise again. If you’re in your 40s, sudden breakouts in the lower cheeks and chin could be the result of the fluctuations in estrogen levels that lead to peri-menopause.

4. Birth Control Pills and Other Medications.

Sometimes the Pill can help clear up acne, while other times it can cause acne as well as hyper-pigmentation. Some women break out after going on a pill high in androgen or discontinuing a pill high estrogen. Tell your doctor if you’re having a problem -switching to another type could help. Common cold remedies that contain bromides and iodides can also trigger outbreaks of acne. So can barbiturates and high doses of Vitamin B12. Lithium and steroids, especially cortisone, can also make you break out.

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