Acne curse: main causes of acne


What are the main causes of acne
To be able to help with this skin problem, it’s vital to determine what is the cause of it. 
Statistics shows that acne is one of the most widespread diseases in the United States and everywhere too. It affects more than 16% of all who live in North America. 
It is one problem that most youngsters face. All people striving to have clear and soft skin, but, pimples just spoils that. Young adults are the most common age group who suffer from acne. 
Some cases can be scarring on both emotional and physical level. Thankfully, in many casesafter 20s, acne problems begin to decrease, but for some people this troubles won’t go away. Some, mostly females, in their 40s or 50s still suffer from acne. It is estimated that about 25% of all adult males and up to 50% of females have had this skin desiese in their adult lives. Such cases of severe acne need more powerful remedies then only skin care products. 
Hormonal problems 
Problem with hormones is one of the main causes of acne. Hormones called androgens are the one to blame on. If you are experiencing rigorous acne, you may have this misbalance. Hormonal changes from climax can also be a cause. 
Hormonal changes can happened at any time due to any cause whatsoever. Females generally experience the problem of cystic acne after pregnancy or during the menstrual cycle. With hormones being a reason, it can be a problem for people of any age and sex. 
Unhealthy diet
Eating hot, oily, junk foods, too much of a chocolate and sweets may be a thing that leads to an acne. Food that is hard to for himan body to digest may be a main reason for acne. Such harmull food should be avoided when struggling with acne. 
Other causes of acne
Skin has a lot of small skin cells and pores. When old skin cells die, – new cell change them. Clogged with make-up or other cosmetics pores do not allow your skin to breathe and it can be a reason for acne. If wearing a make-up prefer water-based type. 
Too much oil on the skin, humid, and clogged skin pores is a common external cause.
It also has been learned that bacteria Propioni bacterium are another cause for pimples. 
Another reason is too much of sunbathing. 
Make-up that contain chemicals and vegetable oil can also be ones to blame on. 
Ways to treat pimples
In order for your skin to become healthy, you have to give a good care to it. When buying skin care cosmetics, choose creams with benzoyl peroxide. Also try applying homemade masks with salt and other natural products. 
It’s also important to visit a cosmetologist that will work with you to find out the reasons and to choose the best ways to fight acne and diet plan.  

The best remedies are natural! Homemade face masks are great skin care remedies for all skin types!

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