Acne and Your Career

Have you worked hard and put in the effort which deserves recognition and/or a promotion in your field but you are always Overlooked! Sadly, if you do have an acne problem and have been applying for a higher position or looking for a promotion without any success, even though you are fully qualified, could your acne problem be part of the reason.

This may sound like a shallow perspective but it is unfortunately the way society has been heading in for quite a while. How people see you as a person is important, but today your image is how people value or rate you the most. Societies focus seems to evolve around image and beauty to rate or put a value on your self-worth and especially how you look. Ever seen a model or public idol with a bad acne problem or a bad skin condition?

Most employers look at how good a worker you are and not decide on giving you a position by how you look, so the average job can be obtained by people suffering from a bad acne condition quite easily. This all changes if your career path or employment ambitions are associated with promoting, representing or being the public face of any sort of high profile business.

If the career path or position you are pursuing does involve this sort of employment, having clean skin would definitely help you and people will take notice if your skin is glowing. It is a sad situation when we are judged by how we look but society seems to believe the myth that if you have acne you have dirty skin and don’t look after yourself.


Treating Acne has Many Benefits

Clearing and improving your skins health and improving your complexion will also give you a huge boost to your self esteem and build confidence. If you are happier and have more confidence, this can be a huge help and give you a better chance at achieving your goals or get the position you desire

If you are serious about the career path you have chosen and know that image and having good clean skin will be necessary to achieve, do not be to alarmed as treating your acne should not be too difficult. Improving your skin health is just like everything else we do, if you learn more about acne and what is necessary to eradicate it from your life, you will succeed easily.

If you do treat your acne and improve your skin health, the benefits will do more than just improve your employment prospects. Not having the stress of worrying about your skin or acne will make you a lot happier, more confident, improve your self esteem and make you an even better person to employ.

No matter what your reason is for wanting to improve your skin health and complexion, it can be very easy when you know what is causing your acne problem and the process involved. If you honestly want to be happier and have better skin, I recommend visiting, which offers easy to understand quality advice and help to get you started.

The benefits of having good clean skin will easily outweigh the effort needed to treat acne and look after your skin and will be worth the effort. If you can remove the complex created from suffering from acne you will get back on track to a happier life and better prospects for the future. Good Luck!

An Old but True Statement we should all follow;

“If You Look Good, You Will Feel Good!”


Shane Nolan


I suffered from Acne for many years and it did not help my confidence and self esteem one little bit, I wish I knew then what I know now. Anyone can get “Good Clean Skin” if they truly want to, no matter how bad You think your skin is. So Don’t give up!

* For More Help and Advice and to Learn How You Can Clear Your Skin, I recommend going to: “Getting Rid of Pimples and Zits”. This is a great website that offers easy to understand explanations and solutions for people suffering from Acne and want better skin.


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