Acne and Teenagers

A common stereotype of the teenage male is that they have acne. Often when ‘nerds’ are depicted, they are shown with acne. It has been found that roughly 85 percent of teenagers suffer from acne and some even have acne continue directly into adulthood as well. However in most situations, acne begins to disappear in the early twenties for most people. That being said, there have been cases of individuals having acne all the way up into their 40s and beyond.

On teenagers, typically the face and upper neck are affected by it. However, sometimes the chest, back and shoulders can have acne, as can the upper arms. Acne in teenagers can cause scarring, which can be removed with treatment later in life. Other effects that are more psychological are harder to cure. Acne in teenagers can cause low self esteem and even depression and suicide, as has been found in some studies. Studies have also found that acne in teenagers can cause them to be socially insecure. By treating acne early, it can decrease the overall psychological impact in teenagers.

The reason that teenage boys and girls tend to have more acne is because of the hormonal changes going on as a result of puberty. These hormone changes cause higher levels of oil secretions going on through the glands in the skin. That extra oil breeds bacteria, which can then cause acne on the body.

To minimize the effects of acne, there are several over the counter products that can be used. You can also have a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, minimizing the intake of fatty and oily foods. Sugar can also cause an increase in acne so it is best to remove fast food and junk food from the diet as well.

Part of growing up means going through puberty. Puberty means acne and that means having to deal with what we all deal with. Acne is something no one wants but most of us get, especially teenagers. Thankfully, acne in teenagers can be dealt with by using over the counter products and eliminating fast and junk food from the diet. It is possible to have little or no acne as a teenager, but it means being proactive and not allowing yourself to eat bad foods. Also getting sunshine can help as well to stimulate the skin and help remove bacteria. Just because you are a teenager, it does not mean you have to have bad acne. provides you with a variety of acne treatment information. You can stop by my site and get a free education on acne treatments right now. Be sure to check out my page on finding the best treatment for acne.

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