Acne and Birth Control

More frequently than not acne and birth control are said in the same sentence. What has happened is that many doctors are prescribing certain types of birth control pill as adequate means of treating acne. It is not only for the prevention of pregnancy anymore. The pill reduces the effects of acne by lowering the amount of sebum that is produced do reduces the possibility of the pores becoming clogged. Sebum is the greasy substance generated by the skin and acts for a lubricant for the skin.

Granted this method of treating acne has been to a degree successful it still has to be used along with other methods of treatment to have the desired effect. The pill is commonly advocated when the traditional methods of treating acne have not been all that successful. A synthetic hormone Progestin Drospirenone can be found in the pill and is excellent for the treatment of premenstrual dysphoric disorder often known as PMDD and acne for well. As acne can be triggered through abrupt hormonal changes women tend to be more affected than men, in fact it has been observed that certain females only have a breakout closer to their menstrual cycle.

Caution has to be taken however because birth control pills are not for everyone. Some persons can have serious side effects from its use. This can range from a severe headache, vomiting or feelings of nausea, changes in the menstrual flow, or depression. In some cases it is also known to increses the possibility of blood clots, high blood pressure, heart disease and high potassium levels. Another thing too is that it could take months before you see any significant changes in the condition of your acne.

Before acne and birth control are put in the same sentence it has to be discussed with your medical professional. You have to make the final decision because to whether or not you want to try that approach to get rid of acne. If you are already taking an oral contraceptive then it will be just a matter of switching to another one. Just bear in mind that it will take certain time for the improvements to be noticed and that the topical medications should be continued. That is the only way you will get the desired results for clear skin.

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