5 Acne Remedies At Home

Honey has lots of curing as well as cleansing properties. Open pores in face by applying warm water or mild steam and then apply honey. Wait for few minutes before washing it first using warm water. Cold water can then be splashed on face to close open pores.

Crush fenugreek leaves into a paste, and apply the paste over your face before going to bed to help prevent acne on the face. Wash off the fenugreek paste in the morning.

Vitamin E is yours skins best friend. Vitamin E has healing properties that is essential for your skin. You have the option of taking vitamin supplements or making sure you use a non greasy facial lotion. I personally take a multi-vitamin that happens to include 100% daily value of the vitamin, and use a special lotion.

A small amount of sun each day (about 15 minutes) can help dry out the bacteria in your acne. You are not trying to get a tan, so wear sunscreen that is especially for skin with acne.

Another excellent remedy to get rid of acne is tea tree oil with jojoba oil. Both of these oils have their special properties which help to reduce zits and blackheads. Jojoba oil resembles human sebum, so it helps to melt the build up sebum, and tea tree oil is a powerful anti-bacteria so it kills the bacteria responsible forming pimples and acne. So, mix jojoba oil and tea tree oil in a 10:3 proportion and apply the mix all over the affected area.

Normal skin bacteria are also a factor in acne. The bacteria are not an actual cause for acne; however, it does often make the acne worse. Propionibacterium acne is a bacterium that is a natural part of your skins surface. This bacterium is on your skin to help prevent the penetration of bad bacteria. A dermatologist may prescribe oral antibiotics such as doxycycline, tetracycline and monocycline to counter these symptoms. The dermatologist must decide whether the benefits outweigh possible complications like stomach upsets, vertigo and reduced efficacy of birth control pills in women. Combine one teaspoon of mint oil with a pinch of turmeric powder.  Wash your face before applying this.  Let it sit for 30 minutes and rinse off. Needless to mention, tea tree oil possesses antimicrobial properties. Concentrated oil of the same can cause skin irritation and burning sensation.

Chasteberry Tea. For women who have acne flares up during their menstrual cycle, chasteberry tea is the recommended treatment. It has been shown, in studies, that chasteberry tea helps regulate female hormones. One cup per day should do the trick. It is important that you don’t over-do this remedy. Drinking excessive amounts of the tea may worsen your acne.


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